Mission Statement

"To bring professional marketing solutions to business owners of all sizes that aspire to grow, and that demand rapid results from their marketing and branding efforts without breaking the bank.”                                                                                

                                                                                                                                ~ West Coast Leads

professional marketing solutions


West Coast Leads was formed by an amazing team with an enormous amount of marketing experience and business know how. After years of being in the data industry, seeing how these brokers out there would blatantly take customers money with no True results to be expected by their efforts, we had enough and decided that we could provide a better service by delivering True Marketing Results. The numbers may not always be in our favor and show a less than perfect campaign, but we will deliver leads that you can convert in to sales to our customers. By focusing on being an extension of our customers marketing department rather than being simply an order taker or consulting firm, we are able to give our clients the personal attention they require to run a successful marketing campaign from start to finish.

The broad scope of West Coast Leads is what sets us apart from the rest. By offering a state of the art Professional Call Center, Strategic Targeted Email Campaigns, Detailed Telephone and Mailing Lists, SEO Content Management, App Creation, Graphic Design, Printing & Shipping, and Website Design, we are step ahead of anyone else in our industry. We can be proud to be a full circle Marketing Firm, not a quick “in and out” fly by night shop. We strive for the personal, long lasting, business relationships that keep a company’s reputation top notch while focusing on cutting edge technology to keep us at the top of the game.